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Is Egypt safe to travel?

    In the past 50 years, Egypt was the destination for tourists from everywhere in the world. No matter what was their interest, Egypt always had something to offer. Colossal monuments, amazing beaches, a wealth of marine life, fantastic Sahara, churches and mosques, a beautiful river Nile, a really cool nightlife in Cairo, and other Touristic Cities. It was the sign of “PEACE”. We had billboards everywhere stating the sentences in Arabic & English “Welcome To Egypt”; “Enter it with peace and safety”.

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Luxor November 2010

Ever since the So-Called “Arab Spring Rising” which has started in 2011 throughout the Middle East and North Africa, this whole region became labeled by the media as “The Red Zone”. And let me emphasize the word “MEDIA”. I was born in Cairo. All my memories and life is there. I go to work; I meet friends; I go out and everything is really as normal as it could be.

Statistically, if you are an avid researcher and you are driven only by reports and figures, I can assure you that you will NOT set a foot outside your house or even THINK of getting in a plane and visiting a new country, simply because the whole world is on fire! From Alaska, the coldest state in the US to Santa Cruise in the far south of Latin America. From Siberia to South Africa. From Japan & Malaysia to the “Media” stated peaceful countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Norway or Finland, there are crimes. All types of crimes. And if you think of your chances of getting hurt in any type, matter or form in any place in the world at any given time, you will ironically realize that you have an even chance of getting robbed with a gun to your head in your country as well as any other country in the world, if it happened that you were present at the wrong place, at the wrong time!

This is very typical to Egypt as it is to the US or any other country in the world. Cities and neighborhoods differ according to the economic and social status of its residents. If you are present in the wrong place in Manhattan or Bronx or Queens in New York at the wrong time, you are very much exposed to getting hurt, the same as hanging around in areas like Mansheyet Nasser, Doueka or Ein El Sira in Cairo for example.

Based on the above, and in order to enjoy a great vacation in Egypt to relax and get back home with great memories, visit Luxor, Aswan, Cairo (certain areas), Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Nuweiba, Marsa Alam, and the list of nice cities can go on forever, depending on your vacation needs.

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For me, since I love diving, my favorite city is the lovely Hurghada. Sandy beaches, great scenery, and breathtaking diving spots. This is a city that caters to any taste. If you are a backpacker and you are on a budget, you will find small hotels or apartments for rent. If you love luxury, you will find 5 and 7 stars hotels catering to your needs and providing the service you are looking for.

If you are into diving and exploring the beauties hidden underwater, look up Dive-Hurghada.com. It will give you a comprehensive overview of everything related to diving in the red sea as well as fantastic service.

In summary, think no more. Egypt will always remain a great country to visit. Plan your next vacation, take a plane to Hurghada and RELAX!

Dalia Saleh - Clients Relations Manager