Happy divers underwater scuba diving with Dive Hurghada team

8 Habits of the Highly Recommended Scuba Diving Centers in Egypt

    The tourism business, especially running diving schools in Hurghada is one of the toughest businesses to deal with. Leading a group of people, managing all their scuba diving needs, and catering to their individual requests can be a nightmare at a certain point in time. Still, for those who are getting in this business out of passion and excitement, they help the majority of their tourists to enjoy, relax, and return home with nice memories for their holidays. 

In the scuba diving business, building a good reputation is hard work. Keeping a good reputation is even harder; a reason for which many of Egypt's international diving centers, Red Sea Divers in Hurghada or Egypt divers schools compete on the level of service quality they can provide as well as the prices. Therefore, all reputable diving centers focus on maintaining a series of habits that would help them attract scuba diving clients and keep them. 

At Dive-Hurghada diving center, we adopt these habits, which drive us to become the diving star in Hurghada: 

Habit #1 - Rise Early, Dive Better 

Our team members are used to wake up at 06:00 am 7 days a week. Waking up early helps to arrange all the tiny details related to the scuba diving equipment, the transfer of the clients, the daily diving scuba air tanks and food reserves for the boat…etc. 

Habit # 2 - Organize the dive, have a good dive

True that scuba diving requests can be sporadic and very scattered, coming from different social media platforms, still, we have a system to log all requests and inquiries to deal with them in a timely manner and we try to be as responsive as possible to all the demands.

Dive hurghada team getting ready for diving

Habit # 3 - Coordinate & Communicate

Our diving school team members work very closely to ensure that the information is communicated promptly, accurately, and being taken into action immediately. 

Habit # 4- Be a resourceful and prepared red sea diver:  

We always have a solution for any red sea diving problem, whether it is a missing “O” ring, a bad regulator, a slippery strap or a broken fin, we have the tools to fix it even in the middle of the sea. 

Dive hurghada team fixing a problem on board of the boat

Habit # 5 - Have a system and follow a process:

No matter how you will contact us, or which diving activity you will choose, we have a process for the dive booking as well as the diving activity:


  • We explain everything in writing via emails to ensure clear and documented understanding.
  • We ask for a deposit via PayPal, TransferWise or through our online booking engine to ensure the seriousness of the Red Sea diver’s demand
  • We send a receipt confirming the dive booking upon payment
  • We note the date/time of the request on our calendar

  • We communicate with the diver one day prior to their arrival to confirm the pick-up details. 
  • Once you come to dive with us, we follow a diving plan, perform a buddy check, and we brief and debrief every dive. 

Red sea divers doing buddy check and getting ready to dive from Dive-Hurghada boat

Habit # 6 - Be strict about safety:

We never joke about safety! NEVER! We have a first aid medical kit on board, spare toolbox, spare tanks, spare equipment and we strictly follow the safety instructions as per PADI international regulations. We understand the issue related to the spread of COVID-19 virus and we take extreme measures of sterilization for the diving equipment to ensure an infection-free scuba diving experience for our guests.

Dive-Hurghada team sterilizing the diving equipmentDive-Hurghada team sanitizing the diving equipment

Habit # 7 - Build friendships:

Our guests are our friends. Whether a new diver on board or a repeat guest, we care for his/her welfare and we go the extra mile to make him/her feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe.

Habit # 8 - Be serious about having FUN:

At the end of the day,diving is all about fun, isn’t it? We enjoy our work and we create a fun environment for our guest divers to enjoy as well their Hurghada Red Sea Egypt diving holidays.

Guests enjoying their time on board of Dive-Hurghada boatGuests celebrating finishing their open water course on Dive-hurghada boat

So, if you want to experience the services of the diving star of Red Sea Divers Hurghada and you want to have memorable diving holidays in Egypt, come enjoy your scuba diving and do your diving courses with Dive-Hurghada :)

Dalia Saleh 

Dalia Saleh - Clients relations Manager