7 habits of highly effective divers to enjoy a safe diving trip

      Scuba diving is a fun activity and the number of certified divers around the world is increasing tremendously. Many international diving schools for recreational and tech diving like PADI, CMAS, TDI, SSI…etc are graduating thousands of divers from all around the world every day. The diversity in practices, as well as the augmenting number of divers, can create some unpleasant situations that might lead to various degrees of issues which might rise to serious problems, endangering both the life of the diver as well as the marine life in the diving site, especially in the Red Sea.


Accordingly, it is important for all divers in the world to develop these small habits to ensure a pleasant and safe diving practice for them and their buddies/loved ones, whether in Hurghada Egypt or any other country worldwide. 


Habit #1: Be a good listener:

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When we are on board a boat or doing shore diving, it is very important to pay good attention and listen well to the briefing of the instructor or the divemaster responsible for your trip. Learn the diving plan. Understand the geography of the diving site and learn how you will enter the water and exit from it. Listen attentively to the fine details related to the current direction and the navigation underwater in order to know your way back to the surface. Learn the backup plans related to facing any unpleasant events that might occur while diving such as loss of air, unexpected physical harm for any diver from your group, or loss of direction.



Habit # 2: Never dive alone


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In diving, it is always best to dive with a friend or someone you already know (spouse or sibling). Still, sometimes – and that is the nice part about scuba diving – you go on a trip as a solo diver. In this case, your instructor or divemaster will assign you a buddy. Get to know your buddy’s name. Be familiar with him/her and always stick together in a group. Underwater, it is important to stay together to be sure you have a reliable support system in case of any unexpected event.


Habit #3: Follow the instructions


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Remember the first habit? It is KEY for safe diving. Once you will be able to listen well to the briefing before the dive, and ALWAYS follow the instructions of your guide, you will enjoy your dive safely. Even the most advanced divers learn this habit and follow it by heart. Sticking to the rules underwater is key to a successful diving experience.


Habit #4: Be patient


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Sometimes, even experienced divers can face a bad diving day such as a leaking mask, or inability to equalize, or inability to descend, or inability to maintain good buoyancy or even having a cramp underwater. Therefore, it is our duty as buddies underwater to be patient and attend to our group as much as possible. Maintain good buoyancy by taking slow breathes and regulating the inflation of your BCD. If your group is a bit slow, slow down your pace. If they are fast, speed up your moves a little bit. If your buddy likes to use their camera underwater, make sure you wait around them until they finish. You are responsible for your life as well as other divers’ life underwater, so practice being patient and less hasty.


Habit # 5: Relax and have fun


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In many cases, the program for diving is fixed. Visiting diving sites is prescheduled according to the diving center’s rules and regulations. Still, this plan can change on the spot due to external factors such as a change in weather conditions or force majeure like a problem in the boat’s engine or an unexpected issue with a diving tank. In most of the reputable diving centers, there is always a backup plan for all emergencies, still, for you a diver, you need to be relaxed and never panic. On the contrary. Be flexible and deal with the inevitable. Be helpful and enjoy the ride. Sometimes, It can create interesting memories in the future.

Diving in itself is a joyful experience. So please enjoy it! Be less demanding. Open up to know new people. Laugh and have fun. It is part of the experience. Use every moment to live a nice experience. There is no need to keep a serious face all the time. Life is too short to spend it complaining 😊


Habit #6: Care for your equipment

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Before entering the water, make sure that your BCD is in good shape. Check the inflator hose and make sure it is actually inflating the BCD. Use the regulator and take a small inhale to test the air. If you find any funny taste, ask for help immediately. Make sure to do a buddy check before jumping to the water to prevent any unpleasant incidents like forgetting the weights or forgetting to open the tank. Once you are out of the water, make sure you handle your equipment with care and wash it with unsalted water and make sure to change your tank for the next dive. The more you care for your diving equipment, the better your diving will be.


Habit #7: Care for the Marine Life  


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Being a diver is such a fantastic experience. You get to see a world that not so many people are able to see. Yet, this world is not yours to ruin! Be responsible. Care for the corals. Swim at a reasonable distance so you wouldn’t touch the reef. Be careful while finning. Make sure you wouldn’t use the corals for body support and definitely, do not try to touch any fish. Take nothing from the sea and keep your hands within the area of your buddy. Think: Would you like a visitor to break your sofa or smash your loved mug? Definitely not! Under the sea, you are the visitor! So, make sure you are not ruining the place you are visiting.