We love Scuba Diving. Diving in Hurghada is our passion. We are experienced in diving many sites in the red sea under different conditions. We offer daily diving trips, diving courses, liveaboards, and snorkeling in Hurghada and other places in the Red Sea. We also offer well-furnished rooms - Airbnb style- in a cozy and quiet compound for our diving guests. We also sell many branded items through our online shop for our guests in Hurghada.


We are a group of excited, fun-loving scuba diving experts. We do LOVE diving, that's why we always go the extra mile to make our guests feel welcomed and happy.
When we are on-board of the boat, we always work together as a team, to offer a stress-free scuba diving experience for our guests.

Our diving crew consists of PADI Divemasters, Instructors, Master Scuba Diver Trainers, and course director. Together we speak many languages such as English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Estonian & Arabic.

Each member is an expert in a certain aspect and we love to go the extra mile. That's why our guests trust our judgment and seek our help.

No matter what they require, we always have a solution or at least a good advice.
Our motto is "Let's have fun while diving safely".
We respect diversity and we appreciate challenges. We are all well trained in handling emergencies professionally. So, when you dive with us, you are sure that you are in safe hands!


Established in 2010, Dive Hurghada is a local company with international standards, specialized in recreational scuba diving.

Our experienced dive masters and instructors are certified PADI International. Our team and crew were trained and mentored by PADI certified coaches, which gives us an exceptional edge in understanding different foreign cultures and developing customer service culture that focuses on creating a pleasant experience for our guests. We have been working mainly with international guests from all over the world, communicating in their own languages, striving to cater to their personal needs and requirements.

Our main focus is to help our guests spend a good time, enjoy their stress-free vacations, and return back to their countries with happy memories, by offering daily diving, diving courses, liveaboards and snorkeling in the entire area of south red sea, starting from Sharm El Sheikh (wrecks only), to Hurghada, Suma Bay, Sahl Hashish, Quseir, Safaga, Marsa Alam and Hamata.


At Dive-Hurghada, we stand for uncompromising integrity and the highest ethical conduct. We are proud of the reputation we have established and are determined to protect and enhance it. In a service business, the integrity that our brand represents is one of our most valuable assets.

The Dive-Hurghada Code of Conduct is the internal contract between all the workers in the company, which contains the ethical policies that everyone who does business on behalf of our company must understand and always follow.

Our code of conduct describes the basic principles that should guide our employees' conduct to be consistent with Dive-Hurghada’s values.

Our employees are sensitive to situations that could result in illegal or improper action in our country. Therefore, they all adhere to the code and are alert to avoid any activities that may even look improper.

We have a wonderful future. But Dive-Hurghada’s continued success and good reputation absolutely depend on the way we conduct ourselves. Acting with integrity and the highest ethical standards is not only a good policy, but it is also good business. Therefore, each one of us must adhere to both the letter and spirit of the code, every day.

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