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# 3 Things to consider when you choose diving courses in Hurghada

      When you think of booking a holiday, you can always consider booking diving holidays in Egypt , particularly in Hurghada. This nice coastal city can provide many opportunities and options for fun, entertainment and excitement as well as relaxation and enjoyment. You must visit it if you want to dive Egypt. 

Most of the people looking for “diving courses Hurghada” usually contact many diving schools in Hurghada or get in contact with local friends who are Egypt Divers or general Red Sea Divers or connect to Egypt international diving centers to get the best offers for Hurghada diving. Still, many newbie divers can feel lost and confused when they see the large amount of scuba diving courses that are being offered by diving schools in Egypt. Therefore, it is important to understand the scuba diving courses from beginner to professional. 

PADI offers a variety of scuba diving licenses. So, how can you choose the PADI qualification that best suits your needs? 

#1 – Consider Hurghada Dive for your kids

PADI qualifications for kids are different. You can create a whole new experience for your kids to enjoy your diving holidays in Egypt. You can enroll them in beginner level diving scuba courses: 

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PADI Bubble Maker: this is the diving star course for kids where they can truly experience Red Sea divers feelings. They learn the basics of scuba diving and they can go down to 2 meters where they can practice breathing underwater and blowing bubbles. Minimum age is 8 years old. 

PADI Seal Team: This dive course is for kids aged 8 years and older and it is done in a pool. By completing certain AquaMissions, the child gets a certificate of completion of a PADI diving course in Hurghada. It is a fun-packed activity where the kids learn basics of scuba diving and the identification of creatures. 

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If your child was adventurous and eager to explore more Red Sea diving he/she can enroll in the “Junior” versions of the 2 elementary diving courses for adults: “PADI Junior Open Water” and “PADI Adventure Course”. They will learn diving skills exactly as adults. The only exception will be the maximum depth allowed for the dive. For the “PADI Junior Open Water Course”, they can go down to 12 meters instead of 18 meters. For the “PADI Adventure Course”,  your kids can go down to 21 meters instead of 30 meters. Once they cross the age of 12 years old, their licenses are automatically upgraded on PADI diving system. 

#2- Consider your scuba diving knowledge

If you wonder about things to do in Hurghada while you are on holidays, and you have never experienced scuba diving before, taking a beginner diving course can be a fun and entertaining activity and a good investment of time: 

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PADI Scuba diver: become the real diving star and explore Egypt diving like a pro in just 2 days. If you are tight on time, you can learn the basics of Scuba Diving and get a PADI license that would allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters. 

PADI Open water course: this is the most famous diving course worldwide. If you can spare 3 days of your holiday in Egypt, you can get a PADI license to dive for a maximum of 18 meters with a buddy anywhere and you learn the essential basics of scuba diving including handling the equipment, depth equalization, clearing your mask and maintaining neutral buoyancy. 

#3- Consider advancing your scuba diving level: 

Once you have finished your Open Water course and received your PADI qualification license, you can consider adding further scuba diving skills to yourself to become the diving star you aspire to be and have a wider network of divers whether in Hurghada Red Sea or anywhere in the world. This can happen by advancing your dive level through further courses: 

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PADI Advanced Course: This is the diving course that will allow you to say that you truly did a dive in Egypt. You can further explore the Red Sea diving by going down to 30 meters depth or exploring farther diving sites using a zodiac or drifting from a boat. You will also learn how to navigate underwater and how to dive a wreck. Diving Thistlegorm and Salem Express wrecks are two optional trips that you can do and enjoy once you get your Advanced PADI qualification. 

What about night diving? Some sea creatures appear only at night, and when they do, their colors are amazing! With the Advanced PADI qualification, you will be able to dive at night and experience what not many others do. 

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PADI Rescue Diver Course: Now that you have received all the PADI scuba diving licenses that allow you to dive anywhere in the world, and you acquired all the skills that help you handle yourself underwater, it is time to think of how to care for your buddy and diving mates, how to rescue anyone in trouble during the diving and how to make anyone around you feel safe and secured. If you feel you are ready for this, the PADI Rescue Diver course is for you. You will also do the Emergency first response (EFR) course as well (mandatory) in order to get this PADI qualification. 

This is your journey to become a professional diver and these are the diving courses that are offered by most diving schools in Egypt. So, if you want to become a “Diving Star” and dive confidently anywhere in the world, drop us a line at for more details

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Dalia Saleh - Clients Relations Manager